Back in Melbourne

I’m coming back for a couple of weeks with my wife this weekend. What’s happening in Melbourne?

Where shoud we eat…what should we see…etc.
What’s the new brunch place/cafe?

We’re staying in a bnb up near Edi Gardens, but have a car to get around.

I highly rate Ms. Jackson in St. Kilda for brunch. Killer food.

Take a falafel pita from Just Falafs to the Edi gardens - best $10 you can spend

Then go see Rolly at Carolina for a coffee.

If you’re around till early Feb, go see an AFLW match

Pffft. Tried that yesterday, he wasn’t there.

Good coffee though.

Go to Dejour, join the queue and get some jeans.

Drink beer at one of the many brew pubs in Melbourne:
Two Birds
Hop Nation
Stomping Ground
Thunder Road

^^dang we miss the aflw by 1 week! that would have been a ripper of a thing to do.

thanks for the tips so far!

In a similar vein - my wife and I are coming down to St Kilda on Monday to see Leon Bridges at the Palais, keen to get a quick tasty feed in before the show (something Asian would be great). I barely went to St Kilda when I lived in Melbourne, so have no idea what’s there now. Any suggestions? (Sorry to thread-jack Jimmy!)

Better list of breweries than I could come up with;


Bam! Thank-you good sir.

oh whaaaaaaaat?! bummer!! glad the coffee was good though (it’s always good :P)

i’m there friday/saturday/sunday for the next 2 weeks.

go to any pub, pay 13 dollars for a pint. Cry.

Good pub is the Marquis of Lorne in Fitzroy. Food is genuinely excellent.

shitty AUD means that pint is only US$9
so glad for your tanking currency

had a legit debate with someone last week that $12 schooner wasn’t normal or reasonable. they felt like it ‘was pretty common nowadays’.

i quit…

How was your evening? I’m off to the same gig tonight.

I’ve not eaten anywhere that /new’ for a while but I have heard good things about Sunda, also you should go to Cumulus and/or Coda. Whilst not new they have influenced the Melbourne food scene massively. Everyday have a new spot which I haven’t been to but no doubt it’s great. Just felafs is a good idea given you’re staying right near there. Head to Bar Liberty and/or their bar out the back for some pretty great wine and food. Haven’t been but have heard great things about Embla and their more refined restaurant Lesa upstairs. If you feel brave enough to head out west there’s some cool stuff happening there and that is where I spend most of my time these days.

Mate, thanks so much for the Supernormal tip. Top three meal all time. It was the launch party of the 10-night Supernormal Natsu pop-up, with Brent Savage taking over the kitchen and doing a set menu, six course vegetarian. It was mind-blowing how good that food was. Freaking amazing!

The gig was pretty good too eh. Not sure exactly when Leon Bridges morphed into Jamiroquai though.