bikes - Any1 know anything?

Im looking @ getting another frame & my boss came across these guys @ a trade show in the US…
Just wanting sum 1st hand knowledge as to whether they are a worthy option or not…
$300 USD + ship…

• Custom CAD-CAM designed light weight Cro-Moly steel, TIG welded frame & Forks.
Featuring cold forged adjustable chain tention dropouts for durability, & enhanced performance.
• Unequilateral chain stay for more strength on the power side.
• Frame Weight 8lbs.
• Includes, bearings, race, and BC Gryphon Head Badge.
Frame specs:


Any info would be choice…

what do you want to use it for? eg what style of riding?

the long top tube would suggest a kind of “street” or freestyle frame, but who knows…

That’s odd. Why have a curvy pursuit seat tube when the wheel clearance would allow it to be straight? I’d be wary.

Well, they’re no Jack Taylor’s, but it looks like it would foul if it was straight.

Those asymmetrical stays are naff. Yamaguchi did it better

Would be used for Street…

Pin20: In what aspect would i be wary because of that design??? wouldn’t they have done it purely for a ‘different design’ ???

  • on a side note…it seems that more pro skaters are turning to the fixie…(after seeing John Cardiel on Macaframa) & now Christian Hosoi & Omar Hassan are on the backward circle ‘Pro’ team…

I’m not saying that it is a bad frame or not to get it, it’s just that some pursuit frames have the curved seat tube because it’s a functional/performance requirement. To just duplicate that aesthetic for a street bike ‘to be different’ seems a little weird to me. Let us know how you get on.

I’d boycott them simply for their excessive use of ‘tribal art’… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be interested in just how far their relationship goes with hoisoi and omar et al. it wouldn’t be the first time a company gave someone a frame/board/shirt once and claimed them as a ‘team member’ without their knowledge.

the skater crossover has always been big…
mic-e reyes
chris haslam
alex olson
seu trinh
and many more i’ve already forgotten (and none of them ever claimed ‘team’ status)

jevonte turner

and he had a part in MASH

John Igei

Jovantae article from Transworld years ago.

and chronic overuse of fish-eye lens. oh, and they’re ugly as sin.

don’t forgot to add DeeCee and Benzy to that list of skaters turned gnarly fixed gear “heads”

Isn’t Hans a rollerblader though!?

Hans is many things… remote control car national titles competitor, skater and former rollerblader. apparently he plays music for people too? CRAZY! i just thought he had nice shoes…

but the list wasnt supposed to be a complete… we could be here all day.

I know nothing but I think it’s a really ugly frame

Huf and fish eyes are the bomb!! First pic of this
frame looks like shit, waaayyyyy to loose.

With the lax angles and offset stays it looks like some of the clunker accident damaged frame you’d see in hard rubbish

thats one fukn ugly bike

thats reason enough not to buy one.

Whats with the trispoke aerospoke in last photo ?? stickered up something else or never released prototype?

Looks like a piece of shit

You forgot the most important skater of all…JOHN CARDIEL!!!