bag repairer

anybody know someone in Adelaide who is able to repair bags? my bike bag has a few holes in it, and my hip bag is also ripping

could send it to BOGear dave, he might be able to repair it? user “rangdog” on here.


edit - i know he’s not in adelaide, but posting a bag wouldn’t be hard if you knew the repairs would be solid.

What Rolly said. I don’t know of any people with skills in Adelaide. I’ve heard very good things about BO Gear though.

There are some guru backpack repairers in Melbourne CBD, I’m guessing there might be a similar mob in Adelaide?

This mob are recommended by one of my work colleagues and he’s one of those ‘walk up Everest’ types. I need to get some stuff to them soon if there’s anything I can do to help. Melbourne based though.

Remote Repairs


you’ve got this pun thing all stitched up

What do you need done? cordura/leather?

That bag repair place in Melbs CBD near the camping stores is good.
I’ve looked for a similar place in rAdelaide and came up empty.
There used to be a guy that did saddlery work in Somerton.
Will check to see if he’s still there and operating for you.

I have had a bag repaired at the cobblers in Unley Shopping Center. not sure if they are still there but any cobbler with an industrial sewing machine should be able to darn it up for you.

Edit: Try the roid boyz in Adelaide Arcade. I am sure they have experience in repairing chaos packs and if they can fix it you can at least have a good chuckle at the way they walk.

cordura. I’ll try a cobbler but I’ll send it to bo gear if I need to post it anywhere, just rather get it done local as its quicker

This mob are great. Have got them to repair and modify some of my hiking packs. Did a really good job. Cost about what you’d expect.

And fwiw, they also clean down sleeping bags, which I can highly recommend if you have an old sleeping bag that smells like mice…

Get someone with a bartacker to do it for you, otherwise you’ll get a shitty repair. Send it to Melbourne. It’ll cost you like $10-15 and be there the following day.

Another vote for remote repairs if you are melbourne based… you could also ask at the better camping/hiking stores as they may know someone/send people to places locally. that was how i found out about remote repairs iirc.

I think they are associated with Bogong or something.

The roid boyz in Adelaide Arcade have replaced zips on an old backpack of mine for a reasonable sum, there’s actually another place a few doors up too.

ended up getting it repaired at a mister minute. not the prettiest repair but it looks strong and was $10