Bahn Mi

Me and the missus are going through a massive Bahn Mi binge.
Wondering if anyone had come across any they’d recommend.

Sit Low in the city do an amazing smoked pork and a tofu and mushroom.

Miss Mai is pretty good for a standard chicken (honey chicken is better than the lemongrass chicken).

For full Hanson Road garb in the city I go to Nhu Lan (sp) on Waymouth Street just west of the Union Hotel. Can’t go past a combo.

In the suburbs I have a special place for Hang Bakery on Henley Beach Road.

Western suburbs has the best traditional ~5 dollar Bahn Mi, none of this CBD fancy.
In order:
Taydo Do behind Arndale shopping center.
KG Vietnamese Meat Rolls on Addison Road.
Little Saigon on Old Port Road.

That Taydo Do do the best sweet and sour pork rolls.

Ahn’s Snack bar on Findon is worth a look.

If you’re out goodwood way, rollin saigon is the best. Been around since before the hype craze. Just past the tram line opposite the bendigo bank. $5