bali tips

hey guys, i’m going to bali over the new year and planning to do some riding over there. any tips on decent bike hire or shops i should visit?

i see there are some deus stores there so i’ll check them out.

I’m staying in ubud, so let me know if there are any nonbike things i cant miss also.

don’t brag about buying pot.


Steer clear of electrical items.

boom. you went there.
don’t take your boogie board.
and try the mushroom pizza

Buy a bintang singlet

Road conditions over there are terrible…


Last time I went I saw a bunch of ‘fixie’ riders. Some leaders and Aerospokes. That was in Kuta though…

Errrrrrr, Uluwatu, even if you don’t surf.

console games and dvd’s - at least half of what you buy won’t work.
also, bali belly is no laughing matter.

If you get in trouble with the law pay cash and lots,
Thats where the others all went wrong.

Also heading there in Feb next year spend 10 days in the Gili’s at Gili T…

I can’t wait

Deus Ex Machina for quality bike shiet,

ill probs be there new years day, not sure if ill bring my bike though…

will also be venturing over to lombok to catch up with the old man at his resort lol.

has anyone done any riding over there? any tips on bike hire or bike shops that could sort me out?

don’t drink the water.

stock up on pull-a-bong tshirts


I have done some riding over there and the roads are shit. Best to take your own bike with at least 28s on it (plus you can stuff some greenery in your bike bag). Last time I was there I tried to hire a bike and all I could find was cruzers with baskets.

Deus in Cangu is great, the food is also awesome.

Every thing you buy from the stalls is shit.

I will be there from Christmas day until the 8th of Jan too mostly staying in Cangu.

Use two wallets. One with just enough cash for day, the one you pull out in public. The other with the rest of your shit. What they don’t know you have they won’t try and steal from you.
Acting like a local not like a tourist equals way less hassles on the street. ie no bum bags and dSLR hanging round your neck!

if you go out clubbing, dont bring a wallet or phone if you dont need it, just stash the cash down your pants or socks lol. last time i was there in june/july there seemed to be a high rate of pick pocketing, little kids would swarm you asking to buy their shitty bracelets only to be emptying our your pockets, taking your watch off etc.

maybe gypo can give you some advice on riding as he was there during that time with his bike?

p.s. that part about paying heaps of cash to cops is crap, locals were telling me max 50k, just pretend its all you got… most i paid was 100 but we were on kawasaki klx125’s poppin mono’s haha


I fold 50k in with my bike hire papers, works every time. You can also barter with the cops.

I heard that Arak stuff is to die for