Banjo connection for Shimano hydraulic brakes?

Working on a long hydraulic brake line for my XT M8000 brakes.

Standard Shimano SM-BH90 variants comes in 1m, 1.7m and 2m lengths with banjo connections already crimped in place for the caliper end and then you can cut to the correct length and add in the olive and insert pin connector for the lever end.

I need about 2.3m length. I have some standard SM-BH90 hose with no connections and am looking for a banjo connection to add on the end, I already have the olive and insert pin connectors for the lever end. I also have a spare SM-BH90 1m long hose with banjo on the end, but they’re crimped on and not meant to be removed.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thinking I’ll have to hit up Enzed or the like to get what I need.

I meant to say something about this before

I used a Jagwire kit on mine. It worked, but it was a fair bit more spongey than the other side. Maybe the Clarks kit is better?

Otherwise, a non-banjo calliper would sort it out.

Thanks Pete, I do have some non banjo calipers in my stash.

As the Jagwire and Shimano hoses are both 5mm OD (No deets on ID) I wonder whether the Jagwire quick fit connection kit would work?

Kit HFA306 in ^.

Is this for the bullet?
I had a similar problem as a mate bought xtr brakes and I can’t remember what we did to lengthen it.

Yeah it is. I’ve popped off an email to Shimano as well to see what they’ve got to say.

Last two versions of XTR have been banjo AFAIK. Depending on hose type, SM-BH59 has banjos available to install yourself.