Not the drinking kind.

Building a new track bike for RAW this year. What’s everyone doing for bars?

I ran 3T ergonovas last year, because that’s what I had lying around. I’m pretty flexible so shallow drop doesn’t really phase me… but the road shape is comfy. Bar width is another question, I’ve never run narrower than 42cm… I’m a narrow build, very tall and an mtber, thoughts?

Current front runners are Nitto B123 38cm bars because I’m all about that NJS life.

38s are awesome. Run narrower if you can.
I guess you gotta find a shape that suits you. I used to run rotundos as a lot of track riders do and they were awesome - shape, drop, reach, you could roll around on the tops easily. Best part was that they look great :wink: I only got rid of them because they were bent.

Will the Nitto’s work with the stem you have in mind?

I have a set of 38cm Deda RMH01’s (actually 36 centre to centre at the end of the drops). They’re great. I’d say quite a similar shape to the ergonova’s which I run in a 40cm on the road. I only have these because they came on my canyon but I’ll happily run them on my next bike until I can justify $400 on scatto’s.

I like steel bars. Have a set chromoly Cinelli Pista and they feel so stiff. Kind of weird, coz I thought the general school of thought was that steel flexes more than aluminium? Maybe when it’s just one piece of tube as opposed to multiple tubes joined together, the flex is negated. Meh, no idea, I just know I like using steel bars on the track.

Also use Ritchey Classic Curve and Soma Hwy One at the track depending on which bike/clamp size etc.

Have noticed narrow bars are all the rage lately. I prefer wider, 42cm or 44cm. Maybe that’s why I’m so slow. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve got a thomson post, so figured I’d match the stem. Aussie distro still has 25.4 thomson stems in all sizes. Or I’ll do an all matching 3T set up, like you say… looks hawt.

I run 44s on all my other bikes. I’m not really sure I could cope with much narrower than 38s.

Not with that defeatist attitude! Haha. But really…it will take you ten minutes to get used to and you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Nat, I’ve got some spare deda rhm’s with a 31.8mm clamp, 40c-c you could try. Also some 38c-c with a 26mm clamp dia of the same shape.

I run 40c-c for reference.

I run 38cm Deda RHM 02’s on my track bike.

Would love Scatto’s, they look hot from the side, but a bit ugly at like a 3/4 angle.

^^^ this guy concerned about looks in a race, lol

If you can’t go fast, look good.

Quote game is strong with this one.

I bought some 38cm B123s. New track bike is steel, would look whack with Scattos.

Cycling clichés are the new Gumwall tyres.

I run the Deda steel drops (26 clamp) in 40cm to Thompson MTB Stem. Wicked stiff setup however I’m “that guy” all be it pretty common, who runs spacers and a boner stem to reeeeally deep drops. The irony isn’t lost on me, my frame has a low head tube so what ya gonna do. I’ve got the right position, heaps of room in the drops (no wrist bumping), really stiff and I can go lower in the future. Note: my saddle to bar drop is currently aggressive, I’d love scattos in the future because #slamdatstem

As far as you going from 44 to 38 or lower, like Rhys said you’ll get used to it BUT if you’ve got a weak core you may feel like your gonna front flip when you get up to sprint :slight_smile: