Battaglin, Fondriest, Colossi, Colossi and a Volume

Seeing as all of my bikes are complete again i thought id chuck them all up in one thread. The fondriest is living/working with another courier at the moment, but ill add it later.


55cm sq
columbus brain
full 7700 dura ace
mid 90’s mavic cosmic wheels
3T bars and stem

Colossi track

I was lucky enough to have Jan from Colossi make me this frame for Joyride. since finishing the ride its now my track bike. This thing is amazing to ride, soo stiff and responsive, I can never thank Jan enough for building me this lovely bike!

54cm ST, 53cm effective top tube
columbus max, except for the seat tube and headtube, max didnt like being bent and no 1 1/8" Max head tubes. + sloping top tube.
Thomson stem and seatpost, currently have 90mm stem, would liek to swap it for another black thomson stem in 110 or 120mm.
Nitto B123 bars
concor seat
sugino 75 cranks and chainring
mks pedals/cages/toshi double straps
wheels are a crappy set of mavic cxp 23’s laced to formula hubs for now untill i decide what good wheels to put on it

Colossi X Gear work

This bike rocks, it takes everything i throw at it every day at work (courier) have been riding it since around june last year and it hasnt missed a beat.

55cm sq
not even sure of what the steel is, but its just something basic. FBM sword forks
c-unit (colossi) bars, stem and seatpost
miche brake to odyssey bmx lever
sram/truvativ omnium cranks - THE best track cranks bar NONE!
odyssey pedals/Bo strap ons
Rolls seat
Profile hubs(over 3 years old now and still in great condition) laced to deep v/chucker

Volume Thrasher

Med size, tho i should have gotten a large :frowning: fumanchu forks
Profile 160mm cranks, profile spline sprocket
TSC pedals to modified BO strap ons
odyssey elemental v2 stem, NS district bars
volume 27.2 pivotal seatpost+fit pivotal seat
Halo Aerowarrior rims(same as chuckers) to halo hubs, 35c tyres, soon to be resist 45c

wow man love you bikes!
favourite is the colossi track so nice

That Battaglin is bad ass, real nice quiver.

Wow what a collection! That Battaglin is lovely. All of 'em my size too :smiley:

thanks guys, i will try to get some close shots of the paintwork on the battaglin, soo many layers!! :slight_smile:

that Battaglin is hot!

I really want one of those collossi x gear’s.

After viewing the battaglin I needed a private moment and a couple of tissues!
Nice roadie man.

top two bikes are fucking hot, and the colossi gear is the perfect fit for the work it does, as for the thrasher, trick bikes just arnt my thing, but over all you get an A+ awesome work

have my babies

Colossi Track is the Bike Equivalent of a Ferrari. I love it!

you know you love me dan :wink:

some more pics of the bat, its not in perfect condition with a few dings here and there, but what evs, it gets ridden and raced so im not to concerned.

Battaglin. Bad Ass. I’d love to own a bike like that.

Still I don’t know if I’d go as far as old Dave here.

Is it just me who finds guys (or gals… nah, actually probably just guys) talking about getting off over bikes a touch NQR? :confused:

Not that its the same thing by any means, but does anyone else remember this pearler from a few years back? Man forced to sign sex offenders’ register for having sex with a bike | Mail Online

very respectable stable, they aren’t max forks though on the tripple triangle?