Battaglin - lets try again ;)

Decided to finally build myself a roadie thats MINE and not a freebie :smiley:

Frame/Fork : Battaglin ,columbus ‘brain’
Wheels : Mavic Cosmic
Groupset : Dura Ace 7700 (cranks, levers, calipers all NOS)
Stem : 3T
Bars : 3T
Seatpost : Dura ace

bike turned out awesome, its soo smooth to ride and in the end didnt cost me too much.

+1 turned out great.

Love the Cosmics- match the frame really well.

yeh I was thinking they match, the frame i guess would be early 90’s?? ( was reading something that reckened brain was used alot in early 90’s??)

and those wheels i GUESS are from around late 90’s?? i picked them up in around 01/02.

regardless, they seem to go well together :smiley:

have put a few K’s onto this bike since building it up, and what can i say.

Its a DREAM to ride, really comfortable and yet very responsive out of the seat/cornering etc.

i couldnt be happier :slight_smile: just need to get some decent photos of it now :smiley:

very sexy bike!!

i’m building a steel roadie right now… just finalizing the deal on the frame and group set
will post it up when its together…