Battaglin road

This arrived about 3 weeks ago. I purchased it on French Ebay… Had to replace the forks brake leavers and saddle.
This is my main ride at the moment whilst my track bike waits for new part$$$. Will clean it up and take better pics soon :slight_smile:

Frame: Battaglin tubing Columbus
Forks: Columbus (not originals sadly :frowning: )
Wheelset: Dura Ace hubs to blue anodized Mavic open pro
Groupset: Dura Ace
Headset: Dura Ace
Stem and Drops: 3ttt
Bottom Bracket: Dura Ace
Pedals and Clips: MKS
Seatpost: Campagnolo

nice find, you keepin it with gears yeah

Looks really nice, love to see some close ups of the paint.

keeping the gears for sure. No need to strip this steed…

close up of paint…

OMG file everything that hangs off it and make it a fixer. :wink:

i love this bike

Great pickup! Nice tight geometry…