Gonna chuck a new seat, stem, bars on it still but I’m slack. SO here it is… real pretty.

part list pal?

looks good.

Frame 54cm Battaglin with Colombus something or other tubing
Nitto stem generic risers
Suntour Superbe Cranks with suntour njs chainring,
toshi’s, mks sylvans.
White Rolls with custom denim butt stains
A pretty campagnolo aero seatpost
izumi chain
Front wheel Campagnolo Vento (currently black but i interchange with a chrome Vento when I get flats)
Rear wheel black Velocity deep v on Phil wood low flange with Phil Cog n lock.

Gah. So nice! My new Hillman has a really similar fade to this. Though more red than purple and no chrome.

And might I ask, what happened to your old Hillman?

Hillman is currently on display on my shelf in my room. It has bent forks, I rode it with bent forks for a while but I’m either gonna build up a nice s/s or sell it :frowning:

Bummer! Always really liked that frame. I guess at least its replacement is a beauty!

yeah i still love it, would be sad if i get rid of it, it’s worthy of being built up again for sure.

lovely frame that

so very pretty.

sweet bike. Love that frame:) Not how I would build it, but its yours so enjoy:)

I wouldn’t have built it like that either, but aside from the saddle I reckon it looks pretty bloody good.

i want it. if i had that cash/spare space i woulda snapped this up when i had the chance.

i’d have built it up pretty similar… black rims of sorts, maybe drops.

saw this at seven seeds a while ago i think… looks better in the flesh if it was this one!

That front wheel looks sweet! But not as sweet as those forks…seriously nice build.

Yeah I took it there a while back. It is better in the flesh for sure, even better in the sunlight. Its got a metallic sparkle to the paint.

I’ve built this bike to ride it, not make it a show piece. I mean I love all my parts, good quality stuff, but I’m not building it to take glamour shots. I ride it, and it gets dirty.

good work, it looks great. i’m regretting selling it (no surprise), so if you ever decide to sell, my hand is firmly up in the air. :slight_smile: