Battle of the Frames

hey tour pals

I’m looking to set up a touring bike for a bit of a ride in March

I rode my roadie to Sydney and although I had no form, fitness or flexibility and had a messenger bag, it made my back sad as fuck. So i was committed to buying a proper touring frame like the Soma Saga. But now I’m thinking about it, I would also like to be able to do faster distance rides on the bike I go for, like the fleche opperman and although it’s a bit of a lofty goal, the PBP. My main concern is that a touring bike is gonna be a bit sluggish for that stuff. Do you guys know something that might dance the line between heavy duty and fast? Or should I go full hog on the touring bike and do faster events on a more comfort race bike (merckx corsa)

Surly Pacer?

Dude my 2c, spend the money on some sweet Compass rubber and a shit tonne of quality frame bags for the Crux.

Run what you got now and wait for 2k16 to be the year of thin walled low trail frames

but guysssssss N+1!!! I’m concerned about the BB height on the crux dug the thing oversteers like a champ

Oversteer… Since when is that an issue in any vehicle of any description. Just say I want a new bike. You should just get another bike hey cons. Good idea, I agree.

yeah I know I’m being a knob… Definitely gonna grab a bigass saddle bag. You know how nice it is getting a new bike though :slight_smile:

Sounds like you want a rando bike, but that’s not gonna be awesome for long distance fully loaded touring.
Get a touring bike for touring and saddle/frame bags for your roadie for the oppy etc. I fit a shitload of stuff in my carradice saddle bag, and there are heaps of good frame bag options around these days.

Rando bike with lowriders. With the right camping gear you’ll easily be able to tour for ages with lowriders, front bag and maybe a saddle bag.

NOTE: Not belt drive

Crosscheck (straggler if ya want disc)? Not great at anything but not bad at anything.

I was full loaded when I toured on mine; it was a little soft and flexed (and I am not a big dude) when fully loaded. Felt pretty nimble without bags, just not as nimble as my casserole, so as a fatter tyred alternative to my roadie that stayed and the cross check was replaced by a lht/disc trucker

I would explore frames with modular features. soma wolverine, curve grovel, surly straggler ect. if you get into a generic hipster type situation where you feel your rear mech is of no use, you can quite easily turn it into a single speed and limp home. Also with the later model wolverines the seatstay is split to accommodate belt drive systems.

Ugh, belt drive.


Just bought a Niner RLT9 Steel frameset to fulfill my touring needs…will post pics when I have acquired parts, and built it up

All Wolverines split for Ugh belt drive - old ones split at dropout is all.

ahh rog, thanks ben