baum road

Baum Cubano Titanium Hand Made Road Bike Frame - eBay Road Bike Frames, Frames, Cycling, Sport. (end time 12-May-10 21:03:11 AEST)

Yeah saw this. If you wanted the ultimate custom frame, you’d go Baum wouldn’t you?

Get a custom frame made and not even ride it?!?
more money than sense!
OR now lack of money = quick ebay sale!

This has bee ndiscussed before :slight_smile: But now that you mention it… A firm no from me. same reasons as before. I do appreciate that this one is painted and undercover style.

Controversial JP… why? :slight_smile:

search button maaaaaaaaaan :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful erle, this is how you end up being a mod.

but don’t you think that the sizing on the frame is abit odd? 53cm seat tube for a person 180cm tall…??

Short legs, long torso?

$2,275.00 - Very good price c;