Beardo Help: 650B Tyres

Girlfriend currently riding around London is asking for new tyres.

She rides a tokyo bike thus the 650

Searching Wiggle, CRC, Evans and getting nothing to suit. Only knobbys coming up

Who makes a good 650 x 25 tyre? Who may stock it?

Hoping to buy online & ship to her


650b and 650c (which is what Tokyo Bikes have) are 2 completely different tyres sizes.

Must be 650c then as it is a Tokyo bike (Sports)

23mm Continental Gatorskin 650c x 23 Tyre | Evans Cycles
23mm XXcycle - Tyre Road Michelin - PRO 3 RACE 650x23 - en
23mm XXcycle - Tyre Road Continental - Grand Prix 4000 650x23 - en
23mm Wiggle | Continental Grand Prix 4000 Folding Road Bike Tyre | Road Race Tyres
23mm Wiggle | Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Evolution HD Folding Road Tyre | Road Race Tyres
23mm Bike24 - Continental Grand Prix Wired Tire 23-571

24mm Bike24 - Continental Grand Prix Wired Tire 24-571

25mm Bontrager: Race Lite Hard-Case (Model #00443)

28mm Terry Tellus TT Tire 650 x 28C (28-571)
28mm 650C Bicycle Tires from Harris Cyclery (ISO/E.T.R.T.O. 571 mm)

more Speedo than beardo

Using the right search terms helps alot



thanks for the list blakey, last time I looked struggled to even find 23’s in 650c for the gf’s bike.

They’re easy to find, use 571 as well as 650c for search terms, and remember that the big online shops list tyres by model, not size, and that model might come in 700x20/23/25/28 & 650x23…

But for wider 650C you’re generally out of luck, I think that Bontrager is no longer made, which leaves the 24mm Conti and the 28mm Terry. I’d go the 28mm if the frame/brakes clear. Smaller wheels & skinnier tyres isn’t much fun unless you’re a speedo-bro.