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Got this link from the Cheeky Monkey website - I haven’t read all the articles yet but the photos are amazing

Bunyan Velo, Adventures on Bicycle: Issue No. 01

Just had a quick flick through…wow!

SOOOoooooo good.
I want to go riding.

This is sweet, so many rad adventures. Alaska to Argentina! yes please.

I think one of the stories is from this guys blog which is a pretty cool read especially his bike evolution from Northern Nth America to Sth America I think he uses 3 diff bikes…
Blog | While Out Riding | Dirt road adventures across the Americas

there also some - if you ignore all the recumbents etc - good journals on

this one is a good read - lots of good picture and not too much text Bicycle Touring: Going South, by Andy Peat

Waring do not read the forums on the above site, you’ve been warned.


<starts browsing for brooks saddles>

So so nice!

Issue two is out.

ISSUU - Bunyan Velo Issue No. 02: Travels on Two Wheels by Lucas Winzenburg