Bearing puller/setter setup for pivots and hubs

Morning team!

I’m really wondering what I should with bearing replacement. I’ve always paid shops to do it in the past but I’d like to have a go myself. I’ve had a spare set of pivot bearings for nearly a year now and its time to put them in. We’ve got 6 bikes with the same hubs at our place, so I’d like to be able to service them and outlay on drifts shouldn’t be insane.

So, what do people recommend? The DIYMTB site has nice looking stuff, though it does look pricey. I guess if its something I’ll have and use for a long time, and possibly help other with too) it would be worth it?

I agree the Enduro /RWC stuff on DIYMTB looks mint but that is balling as hard as Abbey Tools gear.

Otherwise theres Parktools or Unior sets specifically for bike. And heaps of generic blind bearing puller sets available on Aliexpress. As you know all the bikes use generic bearings anyway so I can’t see why these ones wouldn’t work just as well. In fact RWC has one of these generic ones for sale on their site too.

that aliexpress one is avail on ebay for a lot less (listing says AU, but it’s ex china. label is identical to RWC one). There’s a simpler set, but only goes down to 10mm. Get the matching driver set while you’re at it

far out, thats some serious cash-la saving! Thanks so much