Beckenham track bike build - nearly done!

Haven’t been on FOA for a while now so thought I would share my latest build.

I swapped a bunch of stuff with a friend a few months back and got this frame.

The frame is Christchurch built by Don Gibbs (same frame builder as my black Columbus Max frame). It was labeled as a Beckenham cycles bike and sold through their store, which has now fallen done in the earthquakes that hit Christchurch…
It is Columbus SL tubing and has a 54 seat tube and a retardly small head tube, 700c front and rear with rad chromed wishbone rear and forks.

Put cranks and headset on in the weekend. Used a strong-light headset off my Bauer but I hope to replace it with a nice Campy one soon.

Still need to get the seat post and chain ring polished as well as find a stem so I can run my old Nitto bull horns on. With such a small head tube I might stick to risers, not sure at this stage?

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Nice dude

rad, love the wishbone stays.

Some nitto straight (no sweep) risers would look ace on this!!!

Drops plz.

nitto rb-021’s. not drops.


I’ve got these Nitto bull horns that I had on my clamont, not sure the model though.

Just need to find a 26.0 stem for them. Also thinking about this bar tape for it. Maybe too much red?

that’s really tight! i reckon drops will look good

^ that shit would set it off perfectly

nice build (again)

some red/white tape to match to the seat would be rad.

like what gene has on his merckx, except more red and less white.

the mash online store has some nice tape which goes from red to white

Post one more crap bike and I’ll ban you…*

*not really.

Put new bar tape on the Beckenham.

Still not sure about the red… Also looks pretty shinny in the light, hopefully it will dull down after it gets worn in.

very nice!

Can’t see pics :frowning:

Photo fixed!

Still unsure of the red, I wish the Turbo Bio red was similar

It is a bit shiny, but it’ll dull!

Or you could clear coat or buff up the red to get some shine on the frame!!!

What are those bars??? I want to get some pursuit bars for my pursuit… Was thinking of hacking the ends of some nitto rb021.s and rolling them upwards for some ghetto stylin.

I have some Nitto ones similar to these… I can take a pic if you wish.

you took all my frames, now I have nothing to build up with…

the red is mean, just let it wear out… let it dull.