Beer League III

Sir Phil, Official:

Saturday September 10 2011 at 10:30am for 11:00am hundred hoursish.

Northern End of Dairy Flat Rd.


Clashes with the Canberra Times Fun Run… Jerrabomberra Wetlands will be crawling (literally) with 5km family walkers and their prams.

Could make for some entertaining moments, all I’m sayin’ :smiley:

Walkers start at Dairy Flat Road at 10.15:

Family Walk

Steve, nice spot. We’ll make it Saturday to shield the walking families from the good clean fun we’ll be having.

Great. Now it makes a tops recovery from my birfday smashfest. See ya’ll there.

The young ones ask “Daddy what is beer league?”

you say this:

turning up with a buncha n00bs, could be the perfect way to sober up on a Saturday morning

keen bean along with 1 or 2 friends.

So Brisbane Outdoor Gear has supplied some tasty-hectic prizes. A couple of stubby holders that also serve as top tube tea bag receivers and a nice tool roll. Also sounds as though there’s going to be a gabble of spectators to yell support. Someone please, bring pom poms and glow sticks.

What happens in the likely chance that its raining on saturday?

What if it rains? Then the hardmen and hardwomen come out to play.

The Beer League is this Saturday rain, hail or moonshine.

Northern end of Dairy Flat Rd (map).

10:30am for beer drop and briefing.

11ish start

You’ll need at least 4 beers if riding or two pom poms, 6 beers and a lute if spectating. The control/suggested beer is carlton draught tinnies.

There will be prizes. We’ll then head somewhere for a BBQ and recovery sports drinks.

Geared bikes are welcome. However If the ability to engage more than one gear is maintained then the rider must supply and drink, during the ride, 1 pint of custard per available gear. There will be bike mechanics on hand to temporarily lock out deraileurs.

Good luck and high speed.


Looks like it’ll be dry in the morning, with a low chance of showers in the afternoon and winds that will assist riders on the return leg.

Who should i ask for / introduce myself to when im there?? i was thinking about taking the singlespeed out cause i just got some new parts on there and whatnot.

Ask for ZEUS.

Turns out ZEUS couldn’t make it but his half-mortal son HERCULES was there. Sorry Gus we couldn’t let you know on here but glad you made it anyway. Your bike is cool too, I didn’t know you could still get Cyclops parts!

  • Joel

Spent the day asleep, totally lame.

I wasnt there?? haha i slept in, and then got roped into garden work at home :frowning: next time.