Beers etc

Yo, I’m in Brisbane on Friday and part of Saturday. Anyone keen on grabbing a beer somewhere and maybe some dinner on Friday night? I won’t have a bike and will largely be relying on public transport to get places. As long as it’s accessible by train/bus I’m cool with it.


Where are you staying mate?

Fly in Thursday night, gonna crash with my Dad in Aspley then. Possibly there on Friday too depending on what happens that evening.

Oi Kents. Friday night at Newstead brewing.

I’m gonna have to do some serious work and get my old ass groove back.

Sounds rad… will stay tuned and do my best to get there :slight_smile:

yup im in

not sure if i’m invited but i’ll be there being a douche as usual

Yes! In for Newstead brewery Friday.

I’m 5 minutes away from you dude. Northside Represent!

Happy to loan a bike if you want one or can drag you into city.

You around for CX Nationals Round 1 on Saturday Dave?

Ripping! Will sort my shit and get at you.

Potentially, would love to get out for a heckle. Just need to suss out public transport up to the coast etc etc.

It’s not on the coast.

Round 1, Saturday – George Willmore Park, Ferny Hills - not even 500m from the Ferny Grove train station.
Round 2, Sunday – Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine - again, less than 500m from the Strathpine train station.

no no, I have to go to the sunny coast on Saturday to visit Family. Just not sure what time I’ll manage to get on a train and all that.

Ahh, that’s different.