Beginnings of a good workshop -SYD

Park Tool in Belrose, NSW | eBay

or a really flash one

Henry James Access 65 Bike Frame Builders JIG Park Tool Clamp Custom Trolley in Tempe, NSW | eBay

kinda want the first one, but also nowhere to put it :frowning:

Holy shit.

Plus this = expensive but awesome road trip…

I don’t doubt that it’s new but how do you buy one of these and never use it? Hope it’s not a sad end to a dream.

I can imagine (very easily) getting carried away, gathering bits and pieces to start building, starting with a jig like this, and not getting things like files and a torch and tube blocks and all that stuff and then finding that it’s been a few years and you just haven’t done anything and now you’re riding more or fixing cars or playing music or with your kids or whatever…

I guess he changed his mind: