Bell Powdercoating

Just got a frame done powder coated at Bell for a friend and I’m wondering if my expectations are unreasonable. They didn’t make the shifter bosses, or any of the threads except in the BB and on the steerer and they didn’t mask the cable routing tunnels under the BB. The former just means I’ve got to sand them for a while. The threads I can fix, but the BB cable guides are a pain in the arse. They’re little tiny enclosed tubes just wide enough for a cable and now they’re full of paint. I’m hoping I can fix them with bent sharpened spokes, but otherwise I’m not sure what to do.

For $140 this seems pretty weak. Anyone else had similar experiences? Or hints on how to get the powder coating out of the cable guides?

I’ve had other moderately bad jobs done at Bell and I think this is the last time I’ll use them.

Just off the top of my head, I am thinking of getting a drill bit the same diameter and redrill the hole? It should be fairly soft so it won’t take much to get the paint out… then see if you can track down a thin enough round file and just smooth it all out.

I am in Canberra and haven’t heard of Bell Powdercoating before and don’t know if they have much experience with frames, but unless you asked them to mask them for you or pointed it out to them to take extra care at these spots, you can’t really blame them for doing there job… sounds like a dude with no knowledge of how a bike is put together was very thorough in painting the whole surface.

That’s fair. They usually do a not-so-bad job with bikes, and at least they masked the bb shell. Just grab a small file and clean that bad boy out.

My experience with powdercoaters is that you should either mask things yourself or inform them clearly of the areas that need masking.


Considering they’re putting business cards in bike stores you’d think they’d make an effort. The last time I spoke to anyone about getting a frame coated there I was advised to mention the cost up until recently was the other side of $100 and to see what I could haggle. There should still a bit of room for negotiation on the price - if they’re charging $140 now as a flat fee for bikes (and doing alright out of the restoring ‘craze’) I wouldn’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a good prep. It sounds like you need the world’s smallest roto-rooter.

… sorry I meant ‘lol ride fixed, cable guides who needs those?’ afdgdsdfsg

A-Class Powder Coating. In Moorabbin.

I’ve had 2 framesets done by them and the work was indeed “A Class” and well under the $100 each time.

I got a frame done by Bell street. Pretty crappy job, they painted over the bits they shouldn’t have, not the correct colour and I’m pretty sure they dented my frame as well. I would advise that people avoid that place.

gotta agree that its your job to mask off most areas you don’t want coated.

i got my frame done at Raglan powdercoaters (preston) for $40, and blasting done at Blast-off (heidelberg) for $30. happy enough with the results, certainly given the price.

Bullshit on needing to do your own masking. Bell USED to mask all threads/holes/etc. I’ve had a few frames done there in the past and never had a problem.
A Class well and truly live up to their name. The guy who runs it rides and knows what’s what. They have had a price rise recently, but that still leaves you change of $100. The turn around is pretty quick too.

I agree with the Captain, I did A-Class Powder Coating in Moorabbin, $75 sandblasted, masked and powder coated, The owner rides himself

first frame i got done by Bell nearly 2 years ago was great
i had another frame done 2 months ago


$140, they sprayed over the sticker badge, didnt take out the bottle cage screws (i forgot)
wouldnt go there again.

Have had a few done at Mansutti brothers in West Footscary. They did mask the steerer threads but the rest I don’t care so much. I always chase BB threads.
$110 for a blast and powder and quick turn around.
Just a bit out of the way.
I always tell folk to strip off all the decals and badges. And be smart and clean of grease and scunge too. If you take some care they will.