Bellroy Hide n Seek Wallet

Item: Bellroy “Hide and Seek” wallet (black, blue stitching)
How long used: three days
Where used: in my pocket, mostly
What similar product have you used: Several…for the last 8-10 years or so a country road passport size thing

I was delighted to receive a nice Bellroy “Hide and Seek” wallet for Father’s day. My old wallet was falling to bits, it was a huge passport-sized thing given to me some years ago by a grateful minion and while it had conformed to my butt-cheek and was relatively comfy it was always a bit unwieldy and I tended to let it fill up with crap. While I have only had the new one for three days I am very pleased with it. The Bellroy’s finish and build quality appear to be excellent, it holds the 8 cards I used to regularly carry as well as a decent amount of walkin’ around cash. It’s about the same thickness as my old one, maybe a hair less but I reckon a bit less than 2/3 the overall size. I like the hidden cash pocket…i’ll probably just keep a spare pineapple or two in there for emergency pub funds or cab fare and use the main pocket most of the time.

Overall 1 thumb up on the left hand and 1 thumb up on the right hand.