Belt lock holders??

G’day everyone.
Just wondering if and where in melbourne or on the web you can buy the lock holders that attach to your belt.
Something like this…


i tried that lock holder (vans) with that lock (kryptonite mini) in the store … found it didn’t fit very well

yeah i’ve got a krypto new york mini. any ideas where to get one?

Google “skin grows back” I think Dan @ Shifter stocks them.

Thanks guys. that helps.


I have it and have absolutley no problems with mine holding a Krypto Evo mini plus associated tools in the pack.

where can you buy the vans ones from?

just buy the skin grows back one. it will be cheaper, and its supporting something really cool in australia, instead of just some fucking company that really doesnt give a fuck about your cycling culture more than the money it can make off of it.


but the vans one is just so pretty.

shifter fucking bikes… call Dan…

Supply in Sydney.

They’re exxy and you have to buy the shoes to get the pack.

But the shoes are awesome.

And the Skin Grows Back one is awesome too, but it’s not a pack, it’s just the holster.

the skin grows back hip pouches can be used in conjuction with the lock loop.

i own both the lock loop and the hip pouch. if i have my bag with me i dont worry with the hip pouch but its perfect for when i want to leave my bag at home. plenty of room for some c02 a 15mm spanner and a tube.

plus youve got a choice of colours with the hip pouches.

my lock goes in my belt and then my pocket. don’t need a belt lock holder.

my spares kit includes a $20 note and a metcard. ain’t nowhere in Melb I go that i can’t get home with that.

put the lock in your back pocket