Bendigo - DO IT!

Just a reminder:

Race at Bendigo on a Thursday night! Every week is like a mini-carnival.

If you leave Melbs at 4pm, you’ll be there in plenty of time to warm up. It’s a late night, but even if you stay for presentations, you’ll be home by midnight.

There’s a semi-regular car pool of Brunx riders going up - departs DISC at 4pm. Pm or email if you want to come.

Best racing in Victoria - fastest track and most fun you can have on a Thursday night (* depending on the Thursday night).

U go to Bendigo yesterday for the Xmas carnival? All the SA riders decided to boycott the racing, no medical support provided at the track at all? :oops:

Bendigo…yeah. Anyone else going tomorrow night???

i’m out tonight, despite being quite keen. gotta get stuff ready for the big ride in a couple of weeks.

Depends who you talk to I guess. A certain parent hurt themselves badly jumping the fence to provide first aid… A certain coach used their riders (against the riders’ wishes) to make a point… Shame it had to end that way. The SA riders were fantastic at Maryborough, would have been nice to see them at Shep’. Hope there are no hard feelings and they can make it next year.


Oh yeah… Back on-topic: This week! Mr. B. in his country debut.

It’s on brendan.

Bring on bendigo. Anyone else wanna smash it


good luck brendan. go smash 'em !!!

Great Night. Well done Brendan

Some great shots from Omar:

WOW, I’ll pretend you aren’t wearing a Credit Agricole kit. You need a shop or Brunswick kit pronto.

talk to your bosses at total rush and i’ll be happy to wear bright pink…

but i still can’t even see the pictures. anyone who knows how freaking vain i am knows how much this is killing me.

can’t see any photos :cry:

+1 on my pc @ work

Don’t sell yourself short already brendan. At least not to that level. Haha

probably optimised for mac. Try this link, and click on the “media files”.

neither can i, on a mac. could be that my computer doesn’t want to load 150 high res images on the one page, that wuld not suprise me.

i am keen to get a brunswick skinsuit, but i’m waiting for those retro ones to be ready. what can i say? i’m a hipster - the word ‘vintage’ is to me what the words ‘free beer’ are to alcoholics