Bending toe cages?

Anyone else have them bend when your feet aren’t in them and they hit the ground and gets…

Pedal straps don’t have a thread - they are normally leather or nylon and use a clip to hold together.

This one?

^ thank you Snowflake

gabriel… you make great threads.

^ Thanks Sime

I do try

especially when you edit the topic and content of the original post after people have replied to your initial question.
good work

yea, mine often bend overnight. i’ll grab my bike in the morning only to find they’ve contorted themselves into a jesus-fish.

Why change the topic and the content? Why would you think that was a good idea?

maybe it’s environmentally friendly to save e-space…

just like turning off switches on empty power-points to save electricity; gabriel is saving electronic paper :slight_smile:

Why not? Nobody seemed to care too much?

and yes I was saving on ‘server space’

Because then the thread has replies that make no sense at all because they no longer relate to the topic.

i prayed to uri geller to make that happen.

Do you mean like this one?,8307.0.html

I am confused yet feel richer for the experience.

Threads going off topic is very different to the original poster changing the thread title entirely, after replies have been posted. But I think you know that already.

And that’s an interesting example for you to quote, given that you started that thread with a topic that was guaranteed to go off course from the beginning.

Now I’m not sure whether you’re just baiting or whether you’re being a dickhead deliberately. Either way, the end result will be the same.

Thread locked at gabriel’s request.