Bent seat tube

Hi all

There is a frame going on ebay (see link below) with a slight bend in the seat tube, apparently it is barely noticeable to the eye but is enough that a seat tube wont slide past the bend. Anyone know of a place that could fix this (either bending the tube back or machining the inside of the tube so the post will fit)? Or will it end up being prohibitively expensive?

could you just cut your seat post so it inserts all the way to the bend, but is still the right height for you??

Yeah thought about that, my only concern is that the bend is pretty high up on the tube and it would mean that I had quite a short length of seat post inserted… Prob not a bad option though

or turn the seat post down to a narrower diameter at, and past the point where the bend is.

Yeah I might put in a bid and see how it goes, if I can get it cheap it may be worth it…

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

find out teh distance from the top of the seat tube to the bend, or how much seat post can actually be inserted. if its a number greater than the minimum insertion on your seatpost, you might end up with a bit of a bargain.

I hear around the traps that that seller is dodgy as hell :evil:

Or if you have a trusted bike mechanic, they could ream the seat tube, a bit dodgy if you go to far but you’ll never know unless you can see the frame, maybe ask andy if reaming is a possibility?
Not bent, damaged!

Is Andy the guy selling the frame? When I asked about how easily the damage could be repaired they actually suggested reaming the seat tube (oh so many really dirty jokes could be made right here, but I will resist). So it may be a possibility.

Who would be the best person to do that kind of a job? Price estimate?

Apparently it is 10cm from top of the seat tube to the bend… might be enough…

shouldnt be a problem.

if it is more of a dent then a bend then you could always bog>sand>paint it for aesthetics aswell.

not a bad looking frame.

This guy, for free.

Can I recommend you save your pennies (aka dollars) and get something that’s not buggered and still looks just as cool :evil:

A bent seat tube, did you ask how it came to be like that? If it’s something common… it may have been caused by a large knock on the rear wheel (possible hitting a curb at speed…) with the rider still sitting with full weight in the saddle - result - bent rails? bent seat pole? and worst case bent seat tube. :-o

Leave ya cash for something that will last beyond your first stack :sunglasses:

Yeah, fair point. but its a nice frame and if I can get it cheap then it may be worth fixing, its up to $40 already though. I get the feeling someone might be willing to pay more than I am for this frame.

Just in case anyone was interested, that frame went for $170. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to pay that much. Which one of you bought it?

I didn’t watch all of them, but the black one went for $180 and the funny bike $170. Seemed like a couple of bargains, none my size though :cry:

i put a bid on the bundy, that ended up selling for $75.

I picked up the black one - am going to build it up as a winter beater with a few parts I have lying around.