Best bike scene in movie.

I was pondering this the other day (plus I’m really bored at work), after careful consideration I came up with the Pookie/Scotty getaway scene at the beginning of New Jack City.

Anyone else got a good one?

bmx bandits where they go down the old manly water slides with there bike and the sound effects classic . if you look close in that scene they have no pedals as they are going down the slides :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Queen Latifah in Taxi

Napoleon Dynamite ramp scene.


Edit: dammit dan!


EDIT: Just remembered that Enemy Of The State had a good car/bike chase with Jason Lee. I think he gets pancaked by a truck.

'You think that’s a Schwinn…"

YouTube - Burn After Reading:Chad & Osborne Cox ~~Funny Scene(High Quality)

Best scene in the entire film.

transporter 3 bmx scene was cool.


Altho the Schwinn bit in Burn After Reading is pretty funny.

Yes! Hilarious. Brad Pitt, I’m amazed to say, was brilliant in that film.

RAD that fucking backflip!

Jackie Chan - Project A


but thats just a Kryptonite lock, you can open those fuckers with a Bic pen!

Ha! He thinks it’s a Schwinn!

The slo mo replay of the sprint to the line at the end of a sunday in hell.

This always makes me giggle… YouTube - PaperBoy.

that’s a quality first post, noob.

heh heh heh…

I was always partial to the bike-dancing scene in RAD.

Maybe because it was one of the few scenes in the movie without John Farham wailing all over everything*

*I actually love John Farnham