Best Catalog/Brouchure Pics

Came across this and thought this has got to be the best pic…

Love the Columbus tote on a Tange frame… eating a Banana one hand bottle the other with the std field in the backgroud…

What you guys got???

Oh wow, i must get myself one of these! It comes with “Suntour bar-end shifters” which are “convenient, fast and very expensive”.

That’s a unique selling point right there.

Advertising of today is missing the selling spirit of yesteryear… Love it…

Had this one floating around for a while…

Waiting for that guy in the hi viz yellow speedos / glasses…

And this:
GT BMX Ads: Forums / Magazine Ads - GT
Tons of BMX ads: Forums / Magazine Ads/Reviews

Dan thought this might be more your style…

i remember this advert, loved the skyways

The original couriers…

Top collection here:
Catalogs and Brochures (Bicycle Manufacturer Specific)

well I certainly cant top Blakey.

Here’s my offering:

Want some catalogs… - /pics/bike/Catalogs/

Zipp Catalogues.

1990: Zipp (the guy with the Trek is über cool)
1993: Zipp

The rest from 1988 until current are here: Support | Identify Zipp Products | Product Catalog Timeline | Zipp - Speed Weaponry

There’s a bunch of stuff from the late 1800’s onward here… http://oldbike

As well as some copies here… velo-retro

Oh my god erle, you just won the internet.