Best chain whip?

I’m tired of ruining thread. Any advice?

Shimano, the big bastard.

the ninja tool of chain whips ( designed by ninjas i suspect )

^ I just noticed your sig is HFTU not HTFU. Is that intentional?

The quote is intentional, the spelling mistake was not.

And the shimano whip FTW.

Yep the Shimano one is the best

i’m up for beer old man you coming tonight?


Yep, keen for beer and dinner… riding, not so much, been doing a lot on the roadie. What time will you be there?

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Yep, Shimano.

Been using crappy one for last 30 odd years, bought Shimano one last month, not sure how I managed before- lockring spanner on it is also wonderful- hate to admit anything shitmano is good :frowning:

Yeh I have one of those big shimano f*+kers too

hmm thats taking things a bit far…

Yea i guess, but hey what the hell sosumi?

Its so good you hardly ever use it once you own one.

The Pedros Vice Whip is even easier to use:

PEDRO’S USA - Total Bicycle Care | Vise Whip

Says it doesn’t work with 1/8 chains but I’m sure it does

where’s the cheapest place to buy the shimano one?

Yes, but the Hozan lockring pliers are the best I’ve ever used for applying and removing lockrings on hubs and BBs.

Trackies like the old style DA chainwhip. I think it’s out of production, but Peter White Cycles still list it.

Horatio: The spacing of the plates is designed for 3/32 chain and 10/11 speed cassettes, so there’s not enough room to fit around a 1/8 sprocket.

Pedros: "Thanks for your email. We’ve been kicking around the same idea for a while now. Our engineers have a few concerns about being able to handle the loads but, we may be willing to make one up for testing. I’m going to forward this email on to our product team so that they can see that there is a desire out there for a track version of the Vise Whip. "


J.A. Stein make a vise-grip lockring tool too:

With a piece of chain and a drill I could convert regular vise grips into a locking chainwhip pretty easily. Use 1/8 chain and it’ll work on any sprocket… project?

I have the old DA one. It has never been defeated by a chain or lockring - even in my puny hands.

the thing with the shimano one is i think it might be a ninja weapon…

Hugo / Hugs / Huge made me one with some old chain, and some fuck off steel. Cost me nothing and it rules.