Best Fails of 2009

This made me piss myself :smiley:

The cat one where the guy is breakdancing!

The forklift! bahahahahahaha. That is one of the better fail montages I’ve seen.

+1 on the cat. Man, that is fucking funny.


the firecracker, the horse kick, milk crates… fuck it, i loved them all

made my day, thanks!

thanks t3z! sharing that vid is the best thing you’ve ever done, ever.

i cant decide which one is my fave, but that firecracker one was fucken tops.

The reverse kick to the head definately had it charms.

Though the definite fail of 2009 would have to be Industrie Fixies.

wow, it’s like funny home videos, without the commentary.

The forklift one is amazing.

So funny, the one with the fat lady getting hurled out of her seat put the icing on the cake.

actually funny!

Good post…

I had seen another fail09 vid that i thought was real good but this 1 is much better…

Love other peoples pain & mis-fortune…

the dildo at the end: ultimate in self-clowning.

holy crap some of that is hilarious

although the funeral one is kind of dark

dude that was painful sitting in work laughing for 5 min straight, so many odd looks right now

Oh man that was a pissa. I had seen some from emails doing the rounds but after all them, I can see how the darwin awards exist!

haha so good.

A few of those were pretty fucked up. The car crashes were horrible. And the one where the guy throws his bike at the motorbike rider. Wtf??

But other than that hilarious.

Hilarious…makes for a good first topic to look at and a good first post to lighten the mood!

Hi all.

that was a very recent viral vid at the end of last year of some Chinese guy hurling his bike to stop some purse snatchers