Best heater?

Ok, so its getting chilly, and im sick of wearing jumpers 24/7 indoors. Can anyone recommend me a heater? It can’t be built in, cause i rent.

Those oil filled finned ones for less that $100 work well. I just use my $400 down jacket… oxymoron?

Move to brisbane…no heater required.

jumpers indoors work just fine.

save the money for bike bits instead.

I voted for the oil heater.

But if the choice were mine I’d probably go with the 44 gallon drum with miscellaneous burning stuff in it, surrounded by dodgy looking blokes with beanies, rubbing their hands together to keep warm.

And don’t forget to drink cheap alcohol from a bottle in a brown paper bag.

I live just off Victoria St… i already got it…

Personal Gas combustion engine works just fine.

This is sure to spark a reply!

I’m pretty good, by all accounts.

  • Joel

Electric/oil heater things work well. Just don’t let anyone throw a dripping wet towel on one and then walk away.

Smothering your body with deep-heat also works, then run around in a rubber Gimp suit.


The thought of a chilly melb winter ain’t that appealing, so i went out and hooked up with a rather attractive chick to replace my warm blow heater (hows that pun for ya??)

But if that fails crank out the 10 buck fan heater from your nearest cash converters. always does the ticket.

sorry folk last post by grinners :roll: