Best Perth Rides...

Post your best cruizy routes here…!

I like to get out at night, so chuck in a few night specific routes too…

Also include some destinations…

Visiting? Live here? What’s your riding ability? That will dictate the rides we tell you.

Visiting? No, P-Town from the womb…

Live here? Yes

What’s your riding ability? I’m a runner (so very fit), but only started riding 12 months ago and added a single speed about 3 months ago… Looking at flipping to fixed once I’m comfortbale…

That will dictate the rides we tell you - I’m looking for routes specifcally to just cruize, and really just rolling the legs over in a relaxed manner with nice scenery and winding-ish paths, roads, etc…

Thanks for the reply…

No worries, easiest one to tackle is Perth-Freo. Head along riverside drive, past the belltower and continue on the path along Mounts Bay Road. Turn left into Nedlands, ride past UWA. Keep following that around until you get to ‘The avenue’. Turn Left onto the avenue. Keep going thru the roundabout, up the hill and turn left at the top. Follow that all the way around until you get to a hospital/private school. Turn right at that roundabout and head towards stirling highway. At this point you can hit up the bike path and continue to Freo, or head back to perth up thru daglish/subi. (About 30km if you turn around and head back to Perth at that point!)

This is your best bet to start and fits your criteria the best. There are plenty of other rides around, but this will get you started and has rolling “hills” and nice scenery.

Also, just start riding fixed, just keep your brakes on if you are nervous. And make sure you have foot retention, which you probably do.

foot retention is what I meant by ‘comfortable’… :-/

What about destinations…

Where are some cool places to end up? or turn around?

…and night rides?! - like through the CBD or, Subi?!

Woodman point is a nice desto.

Alfred’s at guildford for burgers.

Bbq’s at city beach.

Bridgetrolling at freo.

Riding through the cbd/subi/northbridge at night is just lame if you are looking for style points. Just like riding through Murray/hay st mall. Do it if you have to but that’s it, ie, on the way to the pub/a mates house.

international airport runs are always fun

yeah, just ride and you’ll know where you like going. Look at a map and go, that looks good, ride there and see how you like it.

Von’s or GTFO

best ride i had was to zhi’s to get very drunk then to republic or metrocity (his choice lol). Or ride to martys for ironboard dj’s get very drunk then hit up clubs. Then having our bikes locked inside his house and him not answering calls the next day haha!

Written like the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Those rides suck ass

chyea, or lack therof!

Agreed HA HA fml!

Thanks for the pointers… The CBD/Subi queries were more about places where there was light :slight_smile:
I’ll apply your ‘look at a map and go…’ advice…!
Thanks everyone…!

you should come along when we do another short city to freo mash…

did subi to freo along the train line on sunday night, nice and easy

my 70 year old step dad rides up canning mills road in roleystone occasionally. well at least he did before he fucked his back falling off the roof.

someone should definitely try it and let me know how you go!

always thought he was mad when i lived there, now i wanna have a crack!

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