Best place to get Soma bikes?

Looking at the Soma Double Cross for the girl.
They don’t sell the really small ones on Outside Outfitters. Any other obvious places to look online?
Or do I walk into BSC and pay double?


Aren’t Dirt works the distributor?

Pretty sure SCV Imports are the Australian distro. horatio, we can get them in for you at Human Powered I’m pretty sure. No idea of a price, as we haven’t stocked them before but you could call up and whoever is working should be able to get a price for you.

Scv is the importer just ring around until you get the best price and let the person on the phone know you are a price driven buyer and it will be a cash sale. You may be surprised.

I’ve had my eye on a Soma Rush to replace my Giant Bowery commuter. The frame is around $330 in the US, so I think I’ll just eat the shipping cost.

I’m about to sell a soma rush frame with fork and headset. I’ll get it up on here in the next couple of days.

Yeah sorry, my bad.
I own both a Salsa (dirtworks) and a Soma (SCV imports).
Yeah, ask your lbs to order for you.


57cm +/- 1 cm? If so, PM me the details.

please don’t ever call me.

what colour/size are you after? there are no 50s/52s in midnight silver and only a couple in the white.