Best rub'n'tug/strip clubs and places to score blow/drugs in Sydney?

I get tired of seeing all the kumbayah nerds in melbs get all sophisto and wet panties abotu coffee and hot chocolate. Not jealous, just find it boring that it hogs the pub forum.

So I’m starting a thread that’s not 7th day adventist approved and asking the questions about what we really wanna know. Where the hottest strippers at and where d’yall get your gear from?

p.s. if this should be my last post you’ll know that mrs. spirito lurks here (just kidding baby)

Shoop in Dandenong on a Sunday night, there’s this 38yo french chick named Gitane. My friend Axel Foley (for real) goes mental over this chick.

The only gear I get is from BWS!

Best topic started in ever.
Even if i don’t drink or endorse drugs.

Dylan, you have the stories of a man twice your age.
I like it…

Eh, I try to pack as much in to my life as possible.

i could’ve sworn you started this thread dylan.
my cousin upholstered upstairs in the kitten club i think, so at least when you get seedy lap dances you can feel the leather underneath you.

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Kid’s a real star. I’ll be happy when he packs his bags and ventures out into the big wide world. He’ll go places and after that I imagine he’ll go to other places etc etc

Also can’t wait to see the movie: The world according to Dylan

That like reads like poetry. Dripping with imagery and realism. Bravo !!

in production since 1989.

like duke nukem forever?

but with more guns

ferg such a gamer nerd joke, i lol’d

does sydney get the copious amounts of mushrooms growing in the wild like in melbourne?

Not as much as Melbs i’d guess. PM me if you wanna send me some 'shrooms :slight_smile:

next time your headed down my way, skip the 'gong turn off and take the port kembla one.

There’s a tunnel system(from some war?)under hill 60 thats known as the mushy tunnels;)

Sounds like a trap or some kinda sketchy gay beat scenario !!! “Head down the tunnel and ask for Frank” … or “Honestly Officer my car ran out of gas and I was picking these mushrooms to make some biofuel, I have no idea why all these biker dudes in leather ran out of gas too”.

I’ll prolly check it out anyway … I like mushrooms.

So they didnt let you start this on on classic lightweights huh? The mushy tunnels in the gong are a sight to behold.

You could ask David Campbell, but I guess thats not everyones dish of choice.

Pls use the search function.