best way to ride from domestic airport to hyde park

Hey madames and pimps,

I have never really travelled in your fine capital city and I will be flying in on sunday for 3 weeks which I am rather excited about. I will be bringing my whip and would like to get some opinions on the best way to ride from the aeroporto to hyde park. my best mate google is telling me to go along southern cross drive and that this is a toll road. Is this rideable? or will i be maimed/killed?

would botany rd be better? or is there a secret service tunnel that all the cool fixters take?

hope to hear from you soon

gossip girl

From the domestic terminal, I’d take O’Riordon St, straight up to Bourke St. It’s smooth sailing all the way to Oxford St, where you can turn left and roll down the hill (or pedal furiously) to Hyde Park.

Unless it’s really late at night or really early in the morning - then you can do whatever you like.

From the international terminal is a bit trickier, but if you mean Sydney as in the capital of NSW, I gather you’re coming from QLD or something?

yep coming from boomtown. thanks for the help etomato