Best shop in Sydney to buy fixie parts?

Deus, Sable & Argent, City Bike Depot, Cheeky Transport, Hell on Wheels, et al, DASFFS, etc.

Here you go Let me google that for you

hahaha, you smart arse rhys, haha


If you want standard generic stuff check out Reid cycles

Or Cell Bikes. Cheapest fixxay in town.

Just buy everything online & find a good mechanic for the stuff you need doing.

Fuck buying online, find a small shop with a nice person working there, then support them as long as you can.

Fuck getting stung by local distributors who don’t carry spares, never have supply in stock and put you through the Spanish Inquisition to honour any warranty. I say you can support you’re LBS or little guy buy buying some things and using their labour services. But when a groupset is less than half the price landed than it is through a local distributor I think it’s time to look after yourself first.

^^This how can it be possible for a bike shop t get groups cheaper from starbike in EU than from the local distro,
Plus its quicker from there than from the local distro half the time.
This is why mechanic shops with basic consumables will be a big future.

Fuck bikes in general, man. Fuck them!

the beardo king speaks the truth.

if you had a roadie build worthy of my workshop i could help you out…
if its a super sweet fixie then maybe, big maybe… fixies take very little build time and don’t require crazy tools mostly… if its a visp or a conversion then it’s prolly not for me either :wink:

If I get stuff online ill probably endup sending it back. Rather go somewhere small but know there shit but ill look at all these’s shops to see what’s avalible just need new wheels hate the ones I have now. But massive thanks guys appreciate you’re help!

Wheels are easy, Grab some velocity’s from any local bike shop.
There tough built in Aus and can usually be ordered in about 5 days.

But to illustrate the point, can be bought from eBay from the US, for cheaper than in Australian shops.

Go to Reid and buy some cheap Alex semi deep fixed wheels.

Ride for 6 months, get tired and buy a road bike like everyone does.