better fork for cross check?

i was just assembling my second hand cross check frame and fork and realized the steerer has been cut (there’s plenty of room for a stem but i’m running dirt drops and need all the surly spaces stackTM i can get and then some).

before i pull teh trigger on a uncut cross check fork for ~$100 is there anything better out there in a similar price range? I’ll probably be gravel grinding and a bit of single tracking not racing. maybe a bit of bike packing. basically replacing my pomp. I’d like to keep all the eyelets the crosscheck fork has although i’m not planning on fenders and racks right now

FYI cross check axle to crown is 400mm.
runnning mini Vs

Salsa fork off Bike24? They often have S/S dropouts which is kinda nice.
No disc?

asher JUST bought a CC fork. you guise could have swapped.

Just get a disc fork with similar A-C and plenty of brazeons I reckon and mullet it.

straggler fork?

How much steerer do you need, I have two crosscheck forks in the cupboard, one may work?

Need uncut steerer ~300mm
If droz doesn’t have one I’ll look into mulleting/salsa though I just scored another dyno wheel that’s non disk that i was gonna use

Sorry mate - all mine are seemingly for little people.