Beware in Melbourne This Week

from the Herald Scum

CITY cyclists will be part of a also aimed at pedestrians and motorcyclists flouting road rules.

Traffic officers said the CBD had the highest rate of cyclist and pedestrian collisions in the state and the injury toll was increasing at an alarming rate.

They say too many cyclists do not observe or know road rules designed to protect them and others.

These include disobeying red lights, riding on footpaths and tram tracks, and breaking speed limits.

Sen-Sgt Shane Pettingill, from Melbourne’s traffic management unit, said there would be no warning for anyone caught by Operation Dual over the next four days.

“It will be straight up and ‘here’s your ticket’,” he said.

Fines can include $57 for pedestrians crossing the road against a red light, $85 for riding a motorcycle on a footpath, $57 for riding a pushbike on the footpath and $227 for cyclists failing to stop at a red light.

Sen-Sgt Pettingill said cyclists were constantly placing themselves at risk by riding through red lights and pedestrians by scooting between moving cars.

“This operation has been designed to target our most vulnerable road users. Too many people think ‘it won’t happen to me’ when they run across the road or ride their bike through a red light,” he said.

“The reality is however that it does happen every day and unfortunately a car is going to come off much better.”

Two pedestrians have been killed and 66 seriously injured in city collisions in the past 12 months.
Police will watch city intersections including Spencer and Collins streets, Spencer and Bourke streets, Elizabeth and Flinders streets, Flinders and Swanston streets and Swanston and Collins streets.

Apparently, this is what a rogue cyclist looks like. At least they won’t mistake me for one.

damn hippy BMX riders! you’re giving the rest of us a bad name!

look at all those pedestrians recklessly and carelessly crossing the tram lines! they could be hit by a tram at any moment!


If you can’t bring yourself to read The Hun, real or virtual, this is covered in The Hage as well.

I like how they don’t mention the fact that a pedestrian is many, many times more likely to survive a collision with a cyclist than a motorist. If they don’t step out to prove a point, of course … ducks

If you’re riding without any of the following, the cops will throw the book at you if you give them the opportunity. So don’t. Educational purposes only, yada yada

passive white front reflector
passive rear red reflector
a bell or horn
a helmet
at least one brake
a white light visible for 200 (250?) m on the front after dark
a red light " " on the rear after dark

Cyclists cannot ride their bike across a pedestrian crossing. To cross the road at a pedestrian crossing they must get off their bike and push it across the road.

If there is a no-through road such as Bourke Street Mall, cyclists are not allowed to enter. To enter the area cyclists are required to get off their bike and push it.

The Age

FFS, that really stuffs up my commute!

I’m going to take it REALLY careful tonight.

Ride down Bourke St.
unmount and push bike through Bourke St mall’
Wait at Swanston St pedestrian crossing.
Wall bike across road, mount bike and start riding

This is bullshit!

it’s four days, not hard to follow rules for 4 days is it?


ride a lot faster and dont stop for cops.

But that’s the thing- it’s very easy to inadvertently break the law on a bicycle. Simple things like ‘crossing at a ped crossing’, nope illegal.
What about riding down Swanston st, and you hop onto the tram line middle section to get away from all the cars parked etc- technically, the cops could charge you for this?

I don’t think they’re aiming at that. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing illegal about riding in the tram lane for the purpose of overtaking (provided you’re not obstructing a tram at the time).

Keep an eye on the BV forums - I’m sure their legal experts will have it all sorted out.

saw some girl get pinged for jaywalking across swanston earlier today. saw dan shifter riding down collins a few minutes later. yelled out to him, but he didn’t hear over the din of shit that is collins street.

Society seems to be moving into a nanny-state where legal technicalities rule over common sense. My 2 cents…

It just occurred to me that every bicycle courier in the city is well screwed then haha-
I mean I don’t see them obviously flouting the law, but every time I see one there is at least one technicality a copper could nab them for if you know what i mean.
Thoughts Corz? :slight_smile:

was riding off franklin st onto cardigan today without a helmet (i actually did just forget it) just after reading this, and immediately “of course” runs through my head as theres a cop standing on the sidewalk facing out into the st having a smoke (it looked weird) and he starts staring at me. so head down and power past it was, lucky he was a lazy one.

hmmmm… is that illegal?

“laughs at all the peds jay-walking in the pic”

unless your a courier I would give the city a miss,fuck gettin off ya bike every bloody two minutes

what if i need to get from one side of the city to the other? im not going around.

Rode through the city twice today without any police related dramas.

Only cop I saw was driving behind me up to Flinders St.

Doesn’t this so called ‘blitz’ start tomorrow?

It would explain the lack of police/troubles :stuck_out_tongue:

just bomb through there then …dont forget ya bell

It’s good they’re actually trying to improve the traffic problems in the city, but why us!? Though cyclists do break the road laws I won’t deny that. I’ve seen so many accidents & near crashes caused by pedestrians thinking they have right of way and assuming the rest of the road will stop for them rather then hit them. Why not crack down on us & them…