Beyond metric


I like using countries to express area. A marine park about the size of an Italy (I’ve used that one, nobody could stop it), and I read this morning that the Amazon stands to lose a Greece of its area as a result of the US-China trade battle


When we first were deciding to use cloth nappies for the kids, my wife read somewhere about how the number of disposable nappies used in a year could fill up the MCG.

So I countered that we lived pretty close to 'G so it would be better if our disposable nappies were filling it up rather than transporting from further away.

Currency units mow seam to include

A slab
A six-pack
A couple of longnecks
Nice pack of coffee beans


Tooheys did this with their beer currency ads:

TC: I use the beer economy when servicing/building bikes for friends


Also need to take into account all the olympic swimming pools used up in washing cloth nappies.


And how many hours you could light the MCG with the power to run the washing machines to wash the cloth nappies.


A regular AFL season of power? Or including finals?


Depends how many nappies you’re washing.


always been a fan of the metric fuckton as a unit of measurement.


One third of fuck all. Oh sorry, that’s imperial.




is the metric the bee, or the bee’s things?

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We all know bees over-report their sizes.


A shitload is more or less than a shit-tonne?
(or, is shitload just me and some others hyping up a shed-load?)


trams/whales are interchangeable


A Butt; not to be confused with a butte, apostle, monolith, obelisk or Asterix.
Although a Legion could be used, I wouldn’t bother measuring them against a Gaul.



kick in the nuts for ye olde Commodore


5 Bees = 1 Quarter

In Japan things as a measure are legal standard units in some cases. Tatami, for instance. I can tell you how many tatami my apartment is, but I’ll be damned to tell you how many m2 it is.

How bout using fists as measure? Works in so many ways.


Booze as currency was around when I was a teenager and jobs done on cars were either a slab or two slabs worth in payment.

Coffee beans is new to me but one I appreciate as beer is no longer an option, damn you failing body.

And eleventybillion is the biggest number.


I’m a fan of mixed units for a laugh.
Sell a bicycle pump marked in lbs/cm^2?