BFF opening party/exhibition.

Who’s going to the BFF opening party in Melbourne tonight at 1000 pound bend?

my date (benny) is sick, i need people to thirdwheel with.


a few mates are doing the bike valet…simon, blaine and lachy…say hi to them. i had to bail on it for something else but will be down there a little later on.

i’ll be there. coffee ben and a few other peeps from the ride last nite said they were.

kewl beans, free drinks from 6-7 apparently if you are on ‘the list or a plus one’

Shit, I’ll cancel my prior appointment if I can get on ‘the list’.

how do you get on the list for free beer?

yeah, wtf is up with the list, i thought it was just show up and drink. +1 plz

i mean i was going to go anyway but fuck i hate lists. having to ‘know’ someone to get the perks-we’re not going clubbin’

way to back pedal dude (all pun intended)

haha i’ll hate on something all night, but in the end free beer has to win out :stuck_out_tongue:

The only people who hate lists are the ones that aint on em

just like fat people saying beauty is on the inside?


“by invitation”

that’s a bit shit…

if we can get xBBx nominated surely we can crash this thing… :evil:

These events are just full of ‘scene-sters’ usually with no interest in cycling apart from fix-ie, NJS and Brooklyn Gangsta Track
a big MEEHHHHHH from me.

WTF is 1000 pound bend- if it’s anything like ‘Don’t Come Gallery’, even more reason not to go

maybe things have changed since that was released in Oct?

“invite” means tight black jeans, thick rimmed glasses a must.

And you need to be wearing something ‘ironic’
1960’s hippy beard will get you in too
Oh, and fixed-gear inspired T-shirt might help.

i have tight jeans, thick rimmed glasses, currently have a beard.
and shit, i do have a fixed gear t’shirt (that i wouldn’t wear if it was the last thing left after a nuclear winter)

anyway, like it says, 6-7pm - invite only.
7pm - ? - open to all.

you going down chaz?