BIA Sunshine hubs

I have a pair of BIA Sunshine hubs, just wanting to know a little bit about them before I decide to use these to build up a wheel set or use something else. From what I can tell they are Japanese vintage hubs?

From what I know they are pre NJS and fairly good hubs, there are some discussions around the place regarding these hubs, I vaguely remember something about the Sun in sunshine having someting to do with suntour, others might like to chime in and add some more info.

I also have a pair.

From Sheldon’s site:

Sanshin made Sunshine hubs. My understanding is they picked “Sunshine” as a brand name since it sounded close to Sanshin, non-Japanese had trouble pronouncing Sanshin, and Sunshine has nice English-language connotations. Around 1985 they seemed to have dropped Sunshine and labelled their product Sanshin.

Damn you just beat me to it, I was about to post the same thing!
The article also goes on to say that all the SunTour labelled hubs came from Sunshine/Sanshin.

I have a pair pretty similar to that and they are very nice. I’d say build them up.

they look real nice…

Sanshin later went on to develop the SunTour Superbe Pro hub, In my opinion the nicest track hub ever. I have a pair of Sanshin’s and Superbe’s the only difference is the logo and dust cap.