This is Bianca - we just met (just got it), and I’ve been riding her all day.

Goldfinger brake lever
Campagnolo Xenon brakes
Soma 456 ‘Cinelli style’ drops
Fizik Microtex bar tape
San Marco Regal saddle
MKS tugnut
Cane Creek Headset

What frame is that?

George…play nice with the new kid.

Where did you get those brakes, you lucky fellow?

George - same frame you’ve got :wink:

Spud - got the brakes and most of it from Muppet! Original look as below

So amped! :smiley:

That is a nice looking ride. :slight_smile:

But she needs some classier toe clips.

Sick Bike Man!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have a few of those brakes at my hoose.

Next build a few weeks away.

Goldfinger is good.

I trawled the world’s internet resources in '06 to get mine.

Last week there was one on the wall at Abbotsford.

I was in abbotsford last night when you collected it. Gotta say you looked pretty freakin excited.

Why’s it called Bianca? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I meant the Xenons. Goldfingers ain’t bad though, but nothing on a Tech 77.

i’d give her a good ride :evil: gotta love a girl with clean white bits and a little bit of bling.

just curious, how much did she cost all up??

hey everyone thanks for the comments. say hi if u see me out and about

all up cost about 1k (includes shipping from bris to melb)

Tech 77 with a bent out lever FTW

Pretty sure i saw this cruising down swanston st today.

^Yeah mate!

Just rolling around like I’ve got nothing better to do…can’t take my ass off it atm.

How’d you pick this one over the other 163 that ride down Swanston every day?

dear everyone.

please stop naming your bikes. they are not people.

love brendan.


Get a girl friend.