Bianchi by Gucci Carbon Urban Bicycle

Bianchi by Gucci Carbon Urban Bicycle | Hypebeast

cheap at $14,000 USD.

collabo of the year

ride once spend the rest of its life in a 12 car garage

What a boring piece of crap


lol bar-ends.
Chanel bike was way better. Cheaper too at $12,000.

accessorize girlfriend!

boo. this sucks. I’d rather spend $18,000 on a Specialized Mclaren Venge for my townie. Cos if i was prepared to spend $14,000 pretty sure i could find another $4000.

would rather be raped with a pinaple

no lube?

this bike would go nicely with my gucci driving shoes and my teal blazer

im a fan of the Mclaren Venge but you have to be Cavandish or Jenson button to pull it off