Bianchi Pista D2... tellhimhesdreamin...

Bianchi D2 Super Pista, H+Son Rims, Dura-ace Track Gear (eBay item 220698530144 end time 25-Nov-10 10:41:03 AEDST) : Sport

$4000.00 BIN? FFS

Lennox Head is very close to Nimbin the Aussie golden triangle.
Might be smokin up a storm.



Pity about the fugly handlebars.

“sort after bike”

fuck, english isn’t THAT hard

saw this today, fuck.

It makes mine look more affordable…

H+SOM rims?

and where the hell does he ride it, Lennox has about 3 roads (not including the highway) and none are that long, or in good quality.

Good waves on the other hand…

Big hill around Lennox too.

who’s the arsehole that posted that question about the brand of brake cable :stuck_out_tongue: ?

looks like he did trigger’s trick of buying a size too small as well, judging by that seatpost…

Man, I’ve turned buying expensive bikes that don’t fit into an art form