Just sharing a recent build. It's a great ride. Chainring shall be changed to something a little easier next week.

Frame: 80’s Bianchi Campione D’Italia road frame
Fork: Bianchi
Headset: Campagnolo Veloce
Rims: Velocity B43’s
Cranks: Campagnolo Mirage
Chainring: Campagnolo
Cog: Roselli
Pedals: Shimano cleats
Stem: Nitto
Bars: Nitto BA123A 38cm
Saddle: Selle Italia expedia
Seat Post: unknown??
Chain: YBN
Rubber: Schwalbe Ultremo DD

i really don’t mind the B43s on this build. really good job, very easy on the eye. what ratio you riding?

53-17…its a killer for the hill i have to climb

Dude thats just over 84 gi it would be hard to climb speed bumps,
Nice build i have all ways loved celeste since a kid and my local shop was a bianchi specialist i even rode a rare Team Issue Dual suspension dh he had.

dont worry boys, he has a 42t on the way =D

nice john conversion mate, magic gear or is it an eno hub? looks like vertical drops to me

thanks jaseyjase

nothing like that just a half link chain…tension is a little off though

^^ That would explain the slack chain. Nice build otherwise, really like Bianchis of that era.

drops in illegal bar position, ridonculous gear ratio, heavy as fuck wheels.
Exactly how I’d build a fixed gear.

Nice build but I can’t help but thinking how good it would look with campag 8 speed on it. It’s just where I am at the moment

If that’s a too slack chain, I need to re-tension all my bikes.

love it, but it’s tiny!

Do you live in Moonee Ponds by any chance? I think I saw you walking your bike around in Goldcross cycles on puckle st on Saturday.

It’s definately a nice looking bike, if that was you I saw.

Seeing fixed on Vert drops always makes me nervous. Expensive skidding rubber you got there.

That was my lil brother…took it out while I was working grrr

Thanks man

^ Ha! Good to see little brothers haven’t changed. I used to always nick my brother’s stuff, it was way cooler than my own.