BIB night rides.

I’m gonna start rollin’ into the hills on Monday nights.
Leave Ridge Park at 8ish, cos #dadlyf.
Bring good lights and tubes/tools.
Straight up to Lofty then back through dirt single track/trails.
Finish with a pint at a public house to be confirmed…
Home by 11.
Nighty night.
Anyone Keen?

i’m busy monday nights and also unfit

Doesn’t sound like you need to be fit, suicidal works. What gear are you running boyracer?

Anyone want to make a crew on another night?
I want to do this as i suck at AM rides and look after the kids when i’m not at Uni.
I’m not available wed or thurs nights.

I am also v. unfit Colin…barely broke 45 mins to Crafers, then turned right. Was windy.

Europa, i wasn’t on fixxie. SOTB is over. Autumn of inappropriate tyre choices is where it’s at.
CX - 1 x 8, 49 front and 11-30 on Kojaks… oh, and a billion lumens of cree.

Treadly are also doing rides leaving from the shop at 7 on Wednesday nights.

i’m free tuesday nights

^ How’d you go yesterday? It was a nice day for riding…

Managed to get in between the rain, just did a few runs around craigburn farm

I’m out for couple of weeks due to non bike related injury…cracked rib.