bicycle courier.

anyone know the rates for a bike courier here in Australia, or better still Adelaide.

thank you.

Depends on the company, but if you’re thinking of becoming one… think about the weather for the last few days, then think about riding in that for most of the day. It’s not glamourous now, is it?

If you still want to be one, PM users Fresh and Creaky. They’re both bike couriers in Adelaide.

You mean to book one? You’re best off calling up and just ask for a quote. Try Ace It. I hear they only employ the best.


They need the work!

fresh are u a real life bike courier/messenger

On/off. But mostly on.

rates for my business, however on topic what would a busy week bring home.

i used dhl in london they have a core group of bike couriers.

Bike couriers in Adelaide, apart from Yellow get paid per hour. And there is an expectation of number of jobs you need to do per hour. But riders aren’t given many hours a week. Taking home $600 would be a great week. There’s a lot of $200/300 weeks though. Which aren’t so great.

Faaark, considering you have to provide and maintain your bike, not to mention the high risk of mixing it with morons in cabs, trucks, buses etc, and the weather it’s a pittance. Time lost to Injury would mean no pay i’m guessing.
Do most of you have second jobs, or do you live on 2 min noodles?

Budget. And a few of the guys have second jobs, yeah. (I’ve done 2 short stints of office temping, and saved that money or used it to splash out). And yeah, no work = no pay. But you’d get work cover if something happened at work.

Personally, I have years of experience working in TV broadcast in London, but that hasn’t got me too far since moving to Australia. So I decided to get paid to ride my bike whilst getting rejected for everything else.