Bicycle Couriers Melbourne

yet still have never had a crash.

but seriously, become a postie it pays pretty well - i looked into it.

Move to Adelaide, smoke heaps of weed and you’ll become a courier overnight.

so 95% of rAdelaidians are couriers??

Sorry, I forgot to add “ride fixed wheel bicycle”.

would deffs be a postie if my name was Pat

lol. too much responsibility tho

you realise HMC has been listening to metal his whole life and thusly owns a wardrobe full of cut-off army cargo pants while you’re a 15 yo hipster who can’t even fill out his sister’s skinny jeans.
HMC wins messenger lookalike
Aeons wins fakenger lookalike

Don’t forget! The Elephantitus | Custom extra large messenger bag For carrying those heavy envelopes.

mine fell apart in 6 months

BO Basher! :smiling_face: Or should that be BOG Basher?

Mine was (still is) awesome after 6 months of courierererererererering

I don’t like to hear that… Send me a line and lets get it fixed up asap and back on the road.

I’ve seen a coupla chicks about lately, and a snobby bloke on a Cinelli(didn’t wanta talk bikes much). few running S/S, like the dude on the gutterball, and some crazy cat on a blue S/S conversion.
Havn’t seen riley for a while though?

Is anyone gonna deliver me coffee in the morning? Sheeeeeet

everything you own falls apart in 6 months

Ill deliver you coffee in return for a dutch rudder - or maybe just a chat :slight_smile:

but seriously thanks for all the feedback, ill look into that mail company and talk to people out and about.’
im willing to put in the hard work and prove myself, i can imagine this to be hella fun and a great way to stay fit.
dangers my middle name baby!

I probably should have mentioned I worked for mail call for 6 months at the start of this year. It’s not as soul destroying as people make it out to be. They do go through a lot of people there so it’ll probably take a while to get a good relationship with your job-man and get good runs etc.
TL,DR: It’s fun do it.

Rad thanks bro, whats the pay like?

Depends how much work you do. But there’s a minimum wage of $18.something I think.

Fuck, way more than I get.