Bicycle Couriers Melbourne

Okay so I have been toying with this idea for a long time, and I am curious as to how someone would get an entry level position as a Bicycle Courier in Melbourne.
Is there prerequisites involved other than a bicycle and good fitness?Bags, Radios etc?
How many companies employ people in this field? Is there good money to be made? Who should one contact in regards to finding that job? and what advice could you give someone who wants to get involved in this industry?
Any information would be great, thanks.

The only company that will hire you straight off would be Mail Call. They will probably supply you with a shitty bag and will try and chick you on a Nazi bike. To get a job anywhere else you really have to be friends with a lot if the mdma guys and gurls who could chuck in a. pod word for you if something opens up at their company. It’s also heading into the Xmas period, not much cash to be made.

fuck this phone, MAXI bike, not Nazi bike

Is there such a thing as a nazi bike?
Also. Why not start your own coffee courier company? You could have an espresso machine on the front of a cargo bike, and a little esky with milk and water, and deliver fresh coffee up and down high street in Prahran/armadale? All the old tradesmen and their stunning apprentices would love that shit.


From what I understand talking to the MDMA folks, the money ain’t be too great lately.

Work in a bike shop. Better coin.

Isn’t sean a courier? maybe ask him…

Nazi bike

The ability to drink your body weight in beer and still ride your bike.

Swastika bike?

or just fall over efficiently.

also, must be able to elephant trunk skid on freewheel bike into intersection against red, nearly hit cop car, then follow through unscathed.

he def looks like one…

still one of the finest cycling moments i’ve ever seen

Hey BroesNZ, I’m a pretty experienced courier with 6 months under my wheels and almost a year of puberty.

There is much more than those two prerequisites to being a courier! Your bike needs to be fixed wheel, you need a flippy floppy cycle cap (maybe a catlike helmet as well), also you’re only allowed to shower once a fortnight (it’s derelique don’t worry), your bag has to have lots of attachment thingys and pockets on the straps so you can keep all your handy items closeby. This is just the start of a long list I’ve compiled over the many days I’ve been working tha streetz.

i’m a way better fakenger than you.

When are we going to have a standoff? Next event we should both dress in our best impression and see who wins.

Why not just dress like one and ride the streets every day for a week for practice, to see if you really like the idea?

yep what pip said: sell your soul, work for mailcall and wait for something else to come up.
you’ll learn heaps more by just getting out on the roads and talking to everyone. there’s not much coin at the moment, enough to get ya by and still have fun, plus its also one of the raddest jobs out there. it’ll be tough going and you’ll have to prove yourself to get anywhere but probably the hardest part will be getting a gig.

also theres a few old threads on here talking bout this too

become a postie, they’re like the ultimate courier

don’t listen to this person, she slips over on her bicycle all the time.