Bicycles officially rule the world?

Is it just me, or have bicycles like totally taken over man?! :mrgreen:

Whether it be fixies featured on just about every ad on TV, to the local Google d00d bombin’ one:

Token environmental statements, or a deeper movement going on here?

a couple of months ago, i saw a mum riding a bakfiets with a kid in the front, and another kid on a bike, to drop them at a school near where i live. now i don’t live in a hippy suburb near ceres, people are pretty conservative. that was when i thought that things have definitely changed a lot since i started paying attention to bicycle usage about 5 years ago.

Yeah I hear you Liam. So maybe there is something going on…

If I ever see the google dude, he’s getting a “do a skid!”

Not “pop it up!” ? He’d never get it back down again :evil: